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Nora Parsons Centre

Nora Parsons Centre provides respite to families and friends by looking after adults on Mondays between 9:30 – 3pm.  Coffee, tea, biscuits plus a hot 2 course meal are provided for £10 per day. This service is provided for 21 local villages. Nora’s dream is continuing with still many of her original volunteers. The volunteers offer a pickup and return service.

Nora Parsons Centre is based in Wichenford and is totally operated by volunteers, providing safe and comfortable environment (for the moment) one day per week for isolated and lonely persons living in surrounding villages.

The members enjoy armchair exercise classes, talks, playing games, etc. We have a visiting hairdresser and a podiatrist too.

We are financially supported by all the local parishes. We interact with local schools and organisations, who provide entertainment, for example at Christmas, Easter or Harvest time.

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Nora Parsons in Venn Lane, Wichenford

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